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Viking Surf Club

Surf training every week all season, from April to October.

Beginner to intermediate, adults and teens +12 years

Only DKK 80,- per session for members


Check it out!

Our Club Training

Membership, (semi anually)



Whats included?

Price per session



Trial session:

Always free!

*If you don't have your own equipment yet, you can rent i at half the price

- Surf training every Wednesday
- Community and events

- offers on surf trips
- Video coaching
- Offers on equipment
- Surf photos

*The season runs from April to October, including October. (Closed in July)

We meet every Wednesday:
17:00 til 19:00

Træning priser
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Club Training

When, what and where?


1-2 times a week, we go surfing together. It doesn't matter what level you are at, whether you have your own equipment and are in full swing, or have never been out in the waves before, we will help you get to the next level. Together we identify what you need to work on, and what needs to be done, for you to achieve your surfing goals. We are there to guide and instruct, every time.


Let us worry about the forecast, you just have to show up. We surf along the coast in Thy, and it will vary where we choose to go surfing.


Surfing may be the ultimate solo sport, but to be honest, its more fun when you're surfing with friends. Together you have more fun, push each other's limits, help, challenge, develop and celebrate.

There will also be various social events during the year, as well as travel offers 


Every week:

Wednesday: 17:00 - 19:00

Who can join?
Everyone above 12 years old. Regardless of level, gender, address, titel, past mistakes and whatever. You're welcome to join. 
We hope to add a kids team in the future, but until the its 12+.

I don't have my own equipment?
You can rent it at our place, at half the normal price, until you get your own

Do I even want to learn to surf?
It's literally the best thing in the entire world, so yes, you do. Still in doubt? join us for a free trial session, or two, or three, or however many you need.

What if there are no waves?
Incase there are no waves for us, we will do an alternative activity or reschedule.

Have any questions? Contact us today!

Sign up today!
Give us a call, or send an email.

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