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Viking Surf House

On the edge of the Kingdom you will find Viking Adventures. Based in Klitmøller (Cold Hawaii), we operate a mobile surf school, where we teach everyone from beginners to experienced.

We are 2 local guys who know the coast of Thy better than our own trouser pocket. Believe it or not, among the dunes and bunkers we have Denmark's best waves.


We cannot guarantee you will be transformed into a Hawaiian. But we can guarantee you sore arms and lots of laughter when you go on adventures with us.

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Peter found surfing 10 years ago when he himself was at a surf school in Klitmøller. Since then, he has spent the winters traveling around the world in search of waves and adventure. Indonesia's perfect waves in particular have caught Peter's attention. In the summer you will always find Peter in Klitmøller, where he lives his life as a surf instructor.

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Erik grew up in the fishing capital (Hanstholm), so Erik learned to surf from an early age and today he knows the waves in Thy better than most. Erik is always a smiling and welcoming person who gets as big a kick out of seeing people catch their first wave as when he catches one himself.

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