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Philippines, Siargao - Surfguide

Siargao Island is most definitely one of my favorite surf destinations of the tropical places I have surfed over the years. It offers a wide range of waves from beginner to expert, with surfable waves almost every day during the wave season, august – November (Best months October and November).


The water is magical, Krystal clear and full of sea life, and if you go to the local market you can buy fresh fish, and if you do buy it make sure to share it with the local Philippines, they will love it and maybe help you cook it local style.


The rain in November can be hard but mostly it only rains during the night, and normally the rain season starts in December, this I did not experiences but of what I heard it can be rough and create flooding on the Island.

Siargao definitely also have a lot to offer outside surfing also, nice nature, beautiful snorkeling, waterfall in the north and local culture. Make sure to also experience this when visiting the island.


This place is truly magical, and worth visiting before it becomes too touristy.

How to get there:

Depending on where you fly from, you fly to Manila, and from there they got a direct flight to Siargao.


Going home from there you need to give yourself a day or two in Manila, due to the flights out of the Island, is not always going as plan, due to a small airport and conditions of the weather during the rainy season. So unless you want to gamble no problem, but nice to have a buffer.


Areas to stay:

General Luna is the place to stay, it is super close to the famous Cloud 9, and close to Jacking Hores, where they do surf school which means surfing for all levels.


It is also possible to go to the north of the island, but this place is less developed, and therefore I would recommend going on daytrips or go there when you arrive and get settled. You could also make a adventure out of it and try to se how living in the north might be, one thing is certain, you will have less crowded lineups or empty.  


You can rent scooters on the Island to get around, but you can also go in a scooter taxi around the island.

Surf Spots to know:

  • Coud 9:

    • This is the most famous surf spot on the island and is renowned for its powerful, hollow waves. It's a right-hand reef break that works best during the surf season from August to November. Cloud 9 hosts international surfing competitions and is a must-visit for any surfer.

  • Quicksilver / Stimpy's:

    • Located just a short boat ride from Cloud 9, these spots offer excellent left-hand waves. Quicksilver is a mellow wave, great for beginners, while Stimpy's provides a faster and more challenging ride.

  • Jacking Horse:

    • A beach break suitable for all levels of surfers. Jacking Horse offers both left and right-hand waves. It's a great spot for beginners to practice and for experienced surfers to enjoy a fun session.

  • Daku Reef:

    • Located on Daku Island, this spot offers consistent waves and is suitable for surfers of all levels. It's a reef break with both left and right-hand waves, making it a versatile option for different skill levels.

  • Rock Island:

    • A relatively secluded spot that offers powerful right-hand waves. It's best suited for experienced surfers due to its challenging conditions.

There is even more surfspots, so get your explore hat on and go on an adventure.

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