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*Flere størrelser

6’1”20 1/4”2 9/16”34.0 L  
6’3”20 3/4”2 11/16”38.0 L


Perfekt begyder/intermediate shortboard med ekstra volumen under brystet og en flad rocker så du kan fange så mange bølger du har lyst til! Perfekt til danske forhold


The perfect entry to performance surfing

Mastered the basics and itching to throw some spray around? The Candy is the perfect first step towards performance surfing. Plenty of DNA from The Medina, combined with all the ingredients you need to catch way more waves on average beach breaks: flat rocker, lots of foam under the chest, and a stable, easy glide for maximum control. Because all good candy comes in different flavours, the Candy is also available as a twin fin, for those who love the extra speed and looser feeling of a twin. And, for those who love the feeling of hitting the ‘gas pedal’, we also offer four tail channels as an optional extra on both fin setups

Cabianca Candy PU / Polyester Futures 3 Fins

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